Carrot Chutney Recipe

Imagine you throw a chutney party or somethin'.  Not that anyone does.  But if you do, you can display a wide variety of colorful chutney options at your party.

There is...
coconut chutney: white color
tamarind and date chutney: blackish-brown color
red tomato chutney: maroonish color
peanut chutney: pale brown color
and now here comes...
carrot chutney with a nice orangish hue.
carrot chutney
Instead of a chutney party, a more practical option is having this carrot chutney with your regular meal or snacks.  I have made the chutney quite a few times now.  Especially since I started dealing with the 10LB (4.5KG) carrot situation.

Carrot Chutney Recipe
adapted from Shobha Indani's Swad Sugandh
yields: about 1 cup
carrot chutney ingredients
Ingredients for Carrot Chutney
1 Tbsp oil/ghee
½ tsp cumin seeds (jeera) and 1 pinch asafoetida (hing) for tempering
1 Tbsp roughly chopped garlic
1 cup grated carrot
2 tsp red chili powder, or to taste
¼ cup roasted and shelled peanuts
Salt & sugar to taste
2 tsp lemon juice
1-2 cup water

how to make carrot chutney
How to make carrot chutney
Heat oil/ghee in pan on medium heat, add cumin seeds, let sizzle.  Add garlic, sauté few seconds (like, 10).  Add grated carrot, sauté few seconds (like, 20).  Add red chili powder + peanuts + salt + sugar to taste, give it a mix.  Add lemon juice, switch off heat, mix and let cool.  Grind into a fine chutney starting with ½ cup water and adding as required until desired dropping consistency.  This chutney will never be of thin, pouring consistency, so do NOT add excess water since the start.

Spicy carrot chutney is ready.  Keep refrigerated.  Stays good for 4-5 days.

Since it takes only 10 minutes to make this carrot chutney - you can make this quick and keep an extra chutney (apart from mint or tamarind) along with the appetizers at your party.  Guests will be impressed.  

gaajar ki chutney | carrot chutney
Your challenge:  Which other colors of chutney do you make (or plan to make)?
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  1. A lovely chutney! We eat lots of carrots, but never thought of making them into a chutney. Time to give it a go.
    Thanks for sharing!


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