FAQ – Growing Wheatgrass and Making Wheatgrass Juice at Home

More people are becoming aware of wheatgrass juice benefits and want to learn how to make wheatgrass juice at home.  I have received several questions regarding growing wheatgrass and making wheatgrass juice at home.  I have been growing wheatgrass at home since two years (and my mom used to do it for me before for many years).  So being aware of the process from start to end, here’s my humble attempt at answering reader's questions.
how to grow wheat grass at home
If you are new to wheatgrass growing: click here to see the procedure of how to grow wheatgrass at home and how to juice wheatgrass juice at home with step-by-step pictures.  

Or in the video below see me demonstrating how to grow wheat grass at home:

I hope you like my video ... it was a humble and shy attempt at filming myself ^_^

Then, go on to read the FAQ for any similar questions you may have.

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Q:  can i buy bottled wheatgrass to add to juices?
Personally I haven’t seen fresh bottled wheatgrass/juice.  If you mean the wheatgrass powder bottles/sachets, then you need to only add water to the powder.  Adding wheatgrass powder to wheatgrass juice will make it too strong.  I do not know if it’s safe enough considering the percentage of daily iron intake.  And if you mean adding wheatgrass juice to another juice, then I can't tell what reactions would occur.  Must consult scientist or researcher.

Q:  can you grow wheat grass for shots?  /  can you grow enough wheatgrass to juice daily? 
Yes, either you can grow a small amount of wheatgrass everyday in small containers for shots, or you can grow in a larger pot and when ready to harvest - cut a small amount of wheatgrass from it everyday for juicing.  But you cannot cut small quantity and leave the rest of the mature wheatgrass for days and weeks, because it will eventually dry up and be no good for juicing.

Q:  what variety of grass is used for wheatgrass juice?
It is "wheatgrass" itself, which is grown from wheat grains, that is used to make wheatgrass juice; no other type of grass.  No, not even the grass in your backyard, garden or the park nearby.
wheatgrass dries up after a month

Q: how many days to grow wheatgrass for juicing? / when is the best time to cut wheatgrass to make a juice? / when to discard wheatgrass?
Growing for about 7-9 days is good.  Read here to learn when it is the right time to cut. wheatgrass.  Growing any more than 2 weeks will cause the grass to wilt, then slowly lose its green and become dry – and ready to be trashed.

Q:  how much wheat grass to get 2 tablespoons juice? / how much wheatgrass to make 1 cup juice? / how much wheat seed to make juice? / how much wheatgrass juice does 1 container make? / how to grow one serving of wheatgrass?
There are several reasons why these questions cannot be answered directly.
  • First, the dimensions of your container obviously make a difference to the wheatgrass yield.
  • Second, some of the wheat seeds may not transform into grass (reasons?  some wheat seeds may not have sprouted and turned into grass, etc), so how much grass you get differs.  
  • Third, if you use regular kitchen blender instead of wheatgrass juicer, you may have to put more water to churn the grass, so the quantity of water you add to wheatgrass also makes a difference in the amount of juice you get.
But here’s what I think: basically, a fistful of wheat grains, soaked and sprouted, could make wheatgrass shots good enough for two people.  And 2 fistfuls could make 1 cup juice.  And I feel growing one serving is not worth the effort; better to grow 2-3 servings at the same time.

Q:  how do you juice wheatgrass? / what happens when u put wheatgrass in regular blender? / how to get the most juice out of wheatgrass?
As explained in earlier post on juicing wheatgrass, if you have a fancy Wheatgrass Juicer then you can put a bunch of grass in it green side down, pulp will emerge one side & filtered juice the other side.  Otherwise, you can use a simple, regular kitchen blender like I do.  Put all the rinsed grass out of one container inside the blender, add couple of Tbsp water, churn it, strain it.  Add little water to the pulp again, churn again, completely squeeze and strain it.  (This is how you can get most juice out of wheatgrass in a regular blender!)  Discard the fibrous pulp, drink the juice.

Q:  how to make wheat grass powder at home?
I have no idea how you can do that.  Drying the wheat grass and then grinding it seems logical in theory but not sure if practical and possible.

wheat soaked in water for more than 2 days
Q:  is it bad to soak wheat grass longer than 12 hours?
Soaking wheat longer than 12 hours is fine (several times I forget too) but if you leave it in water for too long, after some 20 hours it starts to smell like fermented/malt wheat and may eventually not sprout or ever grow into grass.  I have always thrown away such smelly wheat and the water.  But soaking the freshly cut green wheatgrass over 12 hours does not make any difference.

Q:  do you need special wheat to make wheatgrass juice? / which wheatgrains you need for growing wheatgrass?  /  can i use cooking wheat to grow wheatgrass?  /  what kind of wheat seed is used for wheatgrass?  /  do normal wheat seeds grow into wheatgrass?
No special grains that I know of - just regular whole wheat grains/wheat berries/wheat seeds will do.  I get my bag of wheat from the Indian store.  I don't know what is cooking wheat, but if you mean broken wheat (hindi: dalia) that is cooked to make porridge (hindi: upma), then NO - that is not the kind of wheat used for growing wheatgrass.

Q:  did you try wheatgrass shots with ginger? / how much broccoli can you juice with wheatgrass?  /  how to make wheatgrass juice taste good?
I have not tried mixing anything with wheatgrass juice - I do not know if it can cause side effects.  Wheatgrass juice could taste bitter initially, I know.  J
ust gulp it down quickly, don't sip it.  Or may be you can drink just a little water right after.  You will eventually get used to the taste, good or not  :)


Q:  what are some wheatgrass sprout methods?  /  i want to learn sprouting wheatgrass at home with no special equipment.
Containers for sprouting are available in the market, that you can use for sprouting chickpeas, green mung bean, etc (healthy stuff too!).  But without a special equipment, you can easily sprout wheatgrass in a) wrap in a moist handkerchief or a cotton cloth, b) leave rinsed wheat grains on a sieve and cover it with a moist paper towel, keep in a dark dry place for 12 hours.

Q:  how to make container for wheatgrass?  /  what can i substitute baby banket with to grow wheat grass?
To substitute baby blanket, use soil in pots or my make-shift containersTo make a container for wheatgrass like how I did using plastics – soap, clean, and dry the oil bottle, milk bottle, and tofu container.  Cut the bottom one-third portion of the oil & milk bottle, discard the top.  Poke holes in the bottom of bottles & tofu container with a knife/cutter to let extra water seep through.  Your containers are ready.

Q:  how about growing wheat grass on old clothes?
Is that possible?

Q:  how to grow wheat grass in cheap way?
I bought 4 lbs wheat seeds/wheat grains for $5.99 from Indian store, and potting soil for some $6 from Walmart. I use Glad/Ziploc plastic container to soak and sprout wheat in, and use old handkerchief to cover the container first 2 days.  I use empty oil bottle, emptied milk bottle, and tofu container, all plastic, instead of clay or ceramic pots.

It just can’t get any cheaper than this.
reusing soil to grow wheatgrass

Q:  how much does it cost to grow wheatgrass?

Pretty hard to judge.  But if I guesstimate, overall may be 10-15 cents per shot of wheatgrass juice?

Q:  what should i do with my old wheatgrass soil?
Reuse it to grow another batch of wheat grass.

Q:  for wheatgrass ready to grow how much inch of soil need?
1 inch of soil is good enough.  2 inch is fine too.  Doesn't need any more than that.


Q:  does drinking wheatgrass thin your blood?  /  how often should you have wheatgrass shots?
One shot a day, or one shot alternative day, or one shot a week, may be.  Again, I am NOT a dietician, physician, or nutritionist, so I cannot answer those questions.  But I drink on alternative days, mostly because I'm lazy to juice it everyday in my kitchen blender.  I will have to persuade my husband to get me a wheatgrass juicer, in case that makes juicing (and cleaning the juicer) simpler!?

Q:  can we grow it totally indoors or shaded area or out in the sun?
Because I have a small apartment, I grow wheatgrass on my patio.  My mom still grew wheatgrass in the balcony in our bigger apartment back in Bangkok.
  We wouldn't want the mess of soil and water indoors (there's enough cleaning work already!).  I have read some people grow wheatgrass indoors as well, but I believe you would need to give it some sunlight at least.  May be keep it indoors but near the window or something.

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I hope this helps. Check the detailed post on wheatgrass to read other reader's comments, concerns, and queries that I have answered before.  Do you have any other questions?  Feel free.

[note:  comment box below is open ONLY for questions, tips, suggestions, and discussions related to the subject, or anything that will help you, me or my readers.  thank you.]
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  1. Wat an informative and useful post, never thought of growning wheat grass at home..


  2. I am all up for wheat grass ,but the idea of growing your own alwyas looks intimidating though. Thanks for showing us how to do it. will try it.

    Bravo !

  3. Lovely .I was looking from many days .Ur method of explaining is great .

  4. After cutting wheatgrass, will it grow again or you have to plant fresh wheat sprouts

    1. JJD, it does grow again but the new grass does not have the volume, color, and sharp blades as first batch of wheatgrass - that is why it is better to plant fresh wheat sprouts again.

  5. I was wondering, is using the wheat grass powder that you mix with water, as nutritionally effective?

    1. I think they claim to be, but it's really hard to tell. I honestly do not have an idea regarding the nutritional values.

  6. I have a Vitamix juicer. I think the pulp will be completely juiced if I use it to make wheatgrass juice. Will drinking the whole plant be harmful?

  7. Hey! Thank you so much for all the info. The videos and the written text on this page are all super clear and understandable. Also thumbs up for the idea with usage of plastic containers and bottles. Very inspireing.

    Now my question is this: How many times can I cut the wheatgrass?
    I used to think that the grass will grow continuosly from the sprouts buut that might not be the case. Please correct me on this matter:)

    Thanks so much for all the juiciness:)


  8. U can use strawberry containers to grow wheat grass.

  9. U can use strawberry containers to grow wheat grass.

  10. Can we use same soil to grow wheatgrass again? What about the roots and left over grass? Like my soil has few seeds left which didn't grow at all. So how can I use the same soil to grow fresh wheatgrass.
    Please reply asap

  11. How do you clean the soil to reuse it? It's too messy n roots all in the soil and also contains fungi. Wouldn't it be dangerous to resuse the soil?

  12. How many times can I harvest the wheat grass from one batch? And if it's just twice, can I reuse the soil?

  13. I am trying to grow from wheat berries for the first time. The sprouted wheat berries are also tasty. I always bought already grown grass, but it is not always easy to find. By the way, cats love it too, and it is safer than letting them eat grass outside.

  14. unfortunately i do not get sunlight in my house... so in that case can i grow wheat grass


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