Rabdi: No-Condensed Milk No-Microwave Version – Rabri, Indian Sweet

Rabdi is sweet, thick, and creamy dessert and each lick of a spoonful of an Almond-Pistachio Rabdi is worth all the effort it takes to make.

This rabdi recipe serves about 6, does not use milk powder or condensed milk and is not the microwave version.  So if you are looking for a milk powder or condensed milk rabdi, or a microwave recipe of rabdi - you may want to hop on to Tarla Dalal’s page.

But if you are ready to tone your triceps while cooking and add on calories while eating, then go ahead & make this rabdi the traditional way.

almond and pistachio rabdi
Badam Pista Rabdi Recipe
Serves 6-8

 What You’ll Need:
1.5 litre whole milk (= 6 cups = 50 oz)
½ cup granulated sugar
12-15 strands saffron
½ tsp cardamom powder
2 Tbsp each shredded almonds & pistachios

milk based indian sweet: rabdi with badam and pista
Let’s Begin!

1.  Heat the whole milk [Note:  2% milk will not turn out as creamy as whole milk will be just as it is supposed to be for this dessert, but you’ll probably get a low-fat Rabdi instead] in a thick-bottomed wok or non-stick pan, cook stirring continuously on high flame [Note:  Milk is boiled on high so that a) it reduces & thickens faster, and b) it doesn’t discolor as it does when boiled on low or medium heat] till it reduces to about 1/2 of its quantity.  Could take 30-40 minutes [Note:  I usually watch YouTube videos on my laptop in the kitchen while sitting on the bar stool & stirring milk for that long, otherwise it either gets really boring or I end up with scorched milk at the bottom of pan because of staying away!].

how to make rabdi
2.  Then add sugar [Note: Rabdi is usually yellow in color, so don’t use brown sugar in place of white unless you want to experiment], saffron, and cardamom powder [Note:  Quantities of sugar, saffron, cardamom powder, and nuts can/should/must be adjusted to your taste!], cook for 2 more minutes.  Switch off heat.

3.  Add almonds & pistachios, reserving some for garnishing.  Serve Badam Pista Rabdi warm or chilled.

Note:  To put less effort if you want to thicken the milk faster and make "Instant Rabdi", mix 1 Tbsp cornstarch with some 1/4 cup milk and cook along with your milk mixture, make sure you mix continuously.  Once it is thick up to your desired consistency you can add sugar + saffron + cardomom powder.

rabdi recipe without condensed milk, without milk powder, without microwave

I love everything that has a 2-in-1 use, but I’ll show you how Rabdi has more than 7-in-1 uses:
A lot of other desserts can be made further with the prepared Rabdi.  If you use a little thinned down Rabdi, you can use it to add cherry-sized Rasgullas to make it Angoor Rabdi, or add patty-shaped Rasgulla, garnish with nuts & call it Ras Malai.  Add an assortment of chopped fruits in it like fruits in custard & name it Fruity Rabdi.  Or serve it as a side or topping with Malpua, Jalebi or Gulab Jamun.  This is the kind of Rabdi you pour over fried pieces of bread - the popular dessert from Hyderabad, Shahi Tukda.  You can even freeze this Rabdi, whipping it once it sets, then freezing again in molds – and enjoy it as a Badam-Pista Kulfi.
Impressive, isn’t it?
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