Carrot and Mint Soup Recipe

I was not a fan of mint ice cream or mint chocolate or anything minty except chewing gum, but I now definitely am of this Carrot and Mint Soup. 

This carrot & mint soup is adapted from Saransh Goila’s recipe on his Facebook page.  This soup recipe is a keeper.  Read the recipe, see the pictures, and tell me, isn't it perfect for winters!?

Carrot and Mint Soup Recipe

Carrot and Mint Soup Recipe
serves 4-6

What you'll need:
1 Tbsp olive oil and/or 1 Tbsp butter
2 onions, chopped
6-7 garlic cloves, peeled & chopped
2 bay leaves
1” stick cinnamon
4 whole cloves
30 gm (~ 1 oz) celery
500gm (~ 1.1lb) carrots, peeled & roughly diced
100 gm (~ ½ cup) tomatoes, roughly chopped
5 twigs of mint, rinsed & dried
5-6 cups vegetable stock/water
2 tsp honey (optional)
1 Tbsp crème fraîche or heavy cream (optional)
Salt & pepper powder, to taste

Let’s Begin!
1.  Heat olive oil & butter in a large saucepan & sauté the next 6 ingredients over medium heat until soft & translucent.
2.  Add the carrots, tomatoes & mint, sauté, and pour stock to just cover the vegetables.  Add salt and pepper.  [Chef’s note:  reserve the remaining stock, if any, to adjust the consistency at the end – its better that way than ending up with a soup that's too thin.]

3.  Bring to a boil, and let simmer, covered, over medium heat for about 20 minutes, until the carrots are soft.  Purée the soup in a blender (or food processor) until desired smoothness.

4.  Stir in the honey, if using, and the crème fraîche.  Taste & adjust the salt & pepper at this point, and serve hot.  Garnish the carrot and mint soup with a mint leaf & some cream.  I also added in some carrot strips cut very thin & long, like noodles.

carrot soup with mint leaves
Instead of crème fraîche I used heavy cream, and kept it thick & creamy as the chef wrote.  Not only does this Carrot & Mint Soup smell good, it tastes delicious & the color looks great too – THAT’S what I believe is a winner – food that appeals to all senses.  Just wish I could hear it too.  Ha!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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  1. wow....healthy soup....luvd the combo carrot and mint.....luks so creamy n delicious

  2. A warming and tasty soup. Love the addition of mint.

  3. A healthy and delicious soup. Great clicks too :-)

    I did not go to the top of the Ranthambore fort but I really enjoyed the safari.

    I am so happy to know that you tried my aloo dum recipe and enjoyed it. The potatoes were naturally slightly yellow, not because of baking and I did not use any haldi in the recipe. Thanks for trying out my recipe, definitely makes my day :-)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. I LOVE mint icecream AND mint chocolate everything! I also have a feeling I'm going to love this recipe! Thanks for sharing!

  5. A great flavor and color combination! This soup must be delicious.



  6. Wow, that is really beautiful!! I love mint in savory dishes like this

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    My event- Valentines Day Special

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  12. These pictures are telling their own story. Totally lovely!

  13. Thank you all. Appreciate your comments :)

  14. I simple love your clicks! They make the recipe sound even more delicious!

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  17. Looks healthy, I think I can try this to my 1yr old son, this way I can make him take some carrots , will give a try, thnx for the recipe post


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