I won a Scharffen Berger Giveaway!

Scharffen Berger was a name I hadn't heard of until I came across Family Fresh Cooking's giveaway announcement.  I used to mostly nosh on Cadbury and Ferrero Rocher earlier, had tasted Lindt, Lindor and Godiva, tried Ghirardelli after moving to the States, and as a beginner, started baking with the good ol' and common Hersheys and Nestlé products.  From what I understand, Scharffen Berger falls under the premium category, more for the professional bakers and those who fancy finest dark chocolates.  Just how some prefer fresh, real coffee from coffee beans instead of instant coffee powder!

To my surprise, I won the Scharffen Berger giveaway (valued at $140!) and received it just before Christmas, with everything in the box enough to last me until after New Years!  This being the first giveaway I ever won in life felt even better when I saw the cookbook - the very first cookbook in my life that I now proudly own  :-)

Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker has been in this industry over 50 years and produces one of the finest chocolates; they're also known to be the first "bean-to-bar" chocolate manufacturer.  From sourcing the carefully selected cacao beans, to cleaning and roasting them, from grinding and refining the paste, to tempering and molding the chocolate into the finished product - each step ensures highest quality.

There are hundreds of chocolate recipes on Scharffen Berger's site!  I definitely will try tasting and making some of them in the forthcoming months and post my reviews here!

Marla Meridith of Family Fresh Cooking manages a wonderful site with a large collection of great recipes and outstanding photographs.  Thank you Marla and Scharffen Berger for the giveaway!  :-)

I'm looking forward to a chocolattttyyyyyyyy New Year, how about you all?  ;-)

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