Poetry: My Hubby & I

Looks like my collection consisted of mostly sad, negative, painful, depressing poems. So it surprised me to see the ONLY positive one from my collection. Although 2001 was a bit too early for me to imagine such stuff, I guess I'd been the romantic types, so here's my little silly imaginative story in rhyming format :-)

My Hubby & I

Here I lie with my lazy body,
Waiting for the sun to rise ...
So tired and so sleepy,

Smelling the breeze fresh and nice.

Slipping my feet in the slippers,

Wrapping the shawl over me ...

I tie the knot and jerk my hair,

Facing and pacing towards the sea.

All's white in my lovely room,

Signifying the color of peace ...

"We ne'er fight anyways dear",

He will always tease.

I stretched my hands upwards,

And threw them in the air ...

Raising his brows he asks me,

"What are they doing up there?"

Turning around I give a smile,

But he knows it's a silly joke ...

He winked an eye and stood up straight,

Showing he is already awoke.

"Morning", he greeted and I repeated,

With my eyes partly close ...

"Happy Birthday", he wished and kissed my chin,

Handing me a bright red rose.

"Thanks", I said and took a seat,

While he sat opposite me ...

I raised my eyelids and looked at him,

Glad that now we were "WE".

He was telling me something,

With the naughty look in his eyes ...

"Nope", I said and ran to the door,

Mumbling "Oh, these guys!"

I knew he's swift yet I sped up,

Shouting out, "Oh, puh-leeeese!" ...

He knew my weakness and stopped right there,

Gently asking, "Please...?"

So I did, I walked to him,

and the rest is a sweet history ...

Don't ask me what happened next,

I can't disclose the mystery!

~ 8th April 2001

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  1. Very nice! So simple yet so romantic. Felt like reading it again and again. Good one.


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