One-Minute Game Contest Ideas

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Want to have some interesting contests for a birthday party?  

Need some games to play at your kitty party?

Organized a picnic and now looking for some game ideas?

Pick any of these fun one-minute games for your next event!

1)  The person/group that blows the maximum balloons wins (if you follow up with any game for kids related to balloons, then you can use these blown-up balloons for them [I call this 2-in-1 offer!])

2)  Small pieces of newspaper (or beans, eg. kidney beans) are sucked up with a straw from bowl A to bowl B.  Max wins.

3)  10-15 locked locks and keys, whoever unlock max locks wins (for more challenge (and more confusion!), could keep 5 extra keys).

4)  The person/group picks up maximum M&Ms (or beans) from bowl A to bowl B using chopsticks wins.

5)  Person/group that makes the largest snake out of paperclips/safety pins wins.

6)  With sieve placed upside down and covered with newspaper and scotchtape, max needles to be inserted in holes of sieve through newspaper.  Max upright needles wins.

7)  With 20 candles on a flat plate, max lit up candles (using a lighter) by an individual/group wins.

8)   Raw & dry Red Kidney Beans and Chick Peas mixed in bowl.  Whoever separates the max wins.

9)  The person/group that tucks max straws in hair on their head wins.  (This one's more apt for females.)

10)  With a bowl of popcorns, needle and long thread, the person/group using max popcorns to make garland/s wins.  (Then the individual/group wears the garlands for a photo :D )

11)  The person/group that peels maximum number of raw potatoes neatly (cucumber, apple, or similar fruit/vegetable) wins. (Later you can use the vegetables for cooking [I call this 2-in-1 offer!] <Note: many knives and peelers will be required.>

12)  Using 6 decks of playing cards, the group that sorts out the max number of cards in the same suite along with their correct order, from Ace to King wins.  (jokers kept aside)

(more to come!)
How to Play?
- Either have individual players or teams contesting against each other.
- Each player (depends whether individual or team) gets the props and directions for the particular game.
- As the countdown timer begins, they have ONE minute to do the particular task.  At 0:00 they have to STOP.  The organizer then counts the items or checks/compares to declare the winner.
- You can play this game as a semi-final and final round, depending on the complexity, and probably reward the final winner/s.

Note: Some of the games listed here require a lot of props and materials.  If you wish, you may select the ones that don't require much purchase.

Let me know if you have some good ideas to suggest.  Or if you have any questions.

And if you are looking for some dishes to cook for your party or picnic, see if you like something from the recipe collection here!

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