Poetry: Me, Myself and I

I dug through my mess and found one of the poems I had written back in 2003.
There comes a time in our life when we talk to ourselves - that's what I do here.
Just thought of sharing...although I'm not sure how much the poem makes sense  :-)
Me, Myself and I

A roller coaster ride from my cheekbones to my chin,
Landing with an "ouch" on my wet palms,
It faced me with a puzzled glance.
"Why, today, did you buzz me?", it asked.

I replied,
"It's a selfish planet where materials matter,
If you've got riches, you'll be served on the platter.
Looks on the outside; no inner beauty counts,
Get some luck there, and upon you they pounce."

"I agree with you," it nodded little head,
And I pondered over what I said.
"On second thoughts, person to person it'll depend,
But, oh tear, you're my only friend."

~ 24th May 2003

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