Dinner Day 11 to 20 | 30 Days of Homemade Vegetarian Meals

What started out as only a "30-day challenge" for me to cook some dishes and serve myself a plate full of freshly prepared food for dinner has now become a fun thing that I feel like continuing.  I get into the kitchen at about 5pm and it takes me about 1-2 hours from start to finish.  If I could reduce that time somehow, probably freeze or chop or roast or prepare some things ahead of time, then it might work out even better.

And once this becomes a routine-like thing to have homemade dinners as often as I can make, I guess I will start looking for another 30-day challenge.  Because if I don't challenge myself to do better, who will?!

Dinner Day 1 to 10 | 30 Days of Homemade Vegetarian Meals

I have not been getting much time to cook (and I haven't baked in monthssss) because of my twins.  There have been days when amidst taking care of my kids and catching up on the household chores I had to skip my lunches, and days I went without eating a proper meal.

So I decided to start a 30-day challenge for myself (because eating food has become more of a challenge with my kids around than a necessity!!!) to cook at least 2 dishes if not more for dinner and serve it for myself like my aunts in India did for me last year (check out the meals for a month I had in India!)