Dinner Day 1 to 10 | 30 Days of Homemade Vegetarian Meals

I have not been getting much time to cook (and I haven't baked in monthssss) because of my twins.  There have been days when amidst taking care of my kids and catching up on the household chores I had to skip my lunches, and days I went without eating a proper meal.

So I decided to start a 30-day challenge for myself (because eating food has become more of a challenge with my kids around than a necessity!!!) to cook at least 2 dishes if not more for dinner and serve it for myself like my aunts in India did for me last year (check out the meals for a month I had in India!)

Day 1 - Dinner Tonight - I prepared Phulka, Cabbage-Capsicum sabzi, Mixed Vegetable sabzi...Yogurt, Chips, and Soan Papdi on the side.

Day 2 - I made plain paratha, lauki kofta, and spring onion fried rice...and that's sesame-sprinkled dates and fryums on the side.
--> Recipe for Lauki Kofta

 Day 3 - For tonight I made phulka; carrot beans sabzi, lauki chana dal, jeera rice, and carrot apple salad. 
--> Recipe for Lauki Chana Dal

Day 4 - dinner tonight:  I cooked Spaghetti Aglio e Olio and no-oil no-butter Tomato Soup, baked some Spicy Potato Wedges with Italian seasoning, toasted some slices of bread, and had Tomato-Spinach-Mozzarella salad on the side.  Satiating meal. Yum.
Didn't get time to make dessert. There's my favorite ice cream bar in the freezer.

Day 5 - dinner tonight:  Made phulka, aloo pyaz ki sabzi, dal, chawal...on the side is soan papdi for dessert.

Day 6 - For dinner I made Rava Dosa, Spicy peanut chutney, Cilantro chutney, and that's some yogurt on the side to calm the spice down. Yum!  The Rava Dosa browned way too much, almost at the brink of burning, needless to say it was because I had to go check on the kids.
--> Recipe for Rava Dosa

 Day 7 - Today I made paneer sabzi, plain paratha, apple-carrot-peanut salad for dinner and that's some pickle on the side..

Day 8 - Today I prepared phulka, aloo ki sabzi, masoor ki dal, and chawal...and that's nimbu ka achaar and peanut chikki on the side. 

Day 9: I was out all day so I got time to make only spinach rice for dinner. But my plate this month has to be full and have variety, so on the side are strawberries, mozzarella cheese, carrot, and soan papdi for dessert.
And I wanted to have a colorful dinner today 'coz that's my idea of fun these days haha *rolling eyes*

Day 10 - Can't believe I am still going on with this for 10 days...phew!  For today's dinner I cooked aloo-tamatar sabzi, carrot-peas-paneer sabzi, and phulka...and that's chips and chikki on the side.
--> Recipe for Aloo Tamatar Sabzi

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  1. Woah good job girl!! Please eat well. Don't skip meals. I have a baby too and I used to do that to save time but once I fainted with the kid in my arms. From that day onwards, even if the baby cries, I let him cry for 10 mins but have my lunch on time. If you fall sick, who'll take care of the kids, the house?

  2. Please share all recipies...e everything looks yummy...

  3. Please share all recipies...e everything looks yummy...

  4. All the food look so yummy and delicious thanks for sharing

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